Art Gallery Kew

For enjoyers of all kinds of art, whether it be painting, sculpture or beautifully crafted and unique jewellery, Paris Kaye Gallery at 450 chapel street is your one stop shop.whether you appreciate art for the craft, or for the ideas and themes being expressed by the artist, the work of Paris Kaye has you covered on both fronts.


For the most artistic and interesting jewellery in Melbourne, visit Paris Kaye Gallery. Artistic expression through handmade jewellery is just one of the uniquely special things about Paris Kaye Gallery.
Each piece of jewellery really is treated as it’s own piece of art, with its own individual meaning.
The craft is unquestionable. Each piece is handmade by Kaye herself, who puts her love and expertise into every craft.


For lovers of modern art, Kaye brings something totally fresh to the table. Utilising various styles and creating numerous moods, Kaye’s work is as diverse as it is uniquely her.
An asset to the modern art scene. Her work would be an asset to any space. Perfect for setting a mood, or perhaps for fitting with a preestablished style of décor or design. While some of her pieces are more focused on mood, other’s convey ideas, communicated through Kaye’s extraordinary skill in the medium. Her pieces in the style of miniature are particularly eye catching.


Kaye’s work in sculpture is just as remarkable as her work on canvas. Whether they be masterfully crafted animal sculptures, or the beautiful and slightly abstract meditations on femininity that make up some of her other work in the form, Kaye’s sculptures are simply breathtaking.
Visit Paris Kaye Gallery, online or in person, and find the perfect piece for your space or collection.

Appreciators of art of all kinds owe it to themselves to visit Paris Kaye Gallery.