About Paris Kaye

Paris Kaye, the artistic tour de force behind Paris Kaye Gallery, has been working as an artist for almost thirty years. Painting, designing, sculpting, and making jewellery, Kaye’s personal touch is the lifeblood of every piece at her gallery. 

Drawing on personal experience and her rich cultural background, Kaye produces vibrant and rich work that both makes use of major eastern styles as well as the stories that only she, as an artist can tell. 

Whether looking at the colourful, and even more abstract works, or the moody black and white pieces that capture mesmerizingly haunting images, it’s obvious that Kaye’s work is full of life and love, captured in it’s many meditations on the world. Bold, brave and beautiful, Kaye not only confronts the darker aspects of society, particularly those most pronounced in her place of origin, but also celebrates the majesty in life and culture all around us.

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