Modern Artwork & Handmade Sculptures

Modern art

A multimedia artist, Paris Kaye is a practitioner of multiple styles of art across several different mediums. Through and through though, Kaye is a modern artist. In both her more abstract works as well as her visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing twists on existing styles, Kaye is modern in her approach to artwork. Always innovative, and consistently imaginative, Kaye’s work is breath of fresh air into the world of contemporary art. With its interesting forms and complex expressions of various ideas and emotions, the work is endlessly interesting and the skill with which it’s created it is endlessly impressive.Paris Kaye Gallery, thanks to Kaye, boasts some of the most beautiful and interesting modern artwork in Melbourne. 


Almost nothing makes a bolder statement than large artwork, and at Paris Kaye Gallery, we’ve got a curated collection of oversized masterpieces for you to explore. Each piece designed and crafted to command any setting it resides in. These tributes to grandeur are eye-catchingly beautiful, and are guaranteed to transform both the aesthetic and the mood of any area you place them in. The works are just as lovingly crafted, as detailed and as visually powerful as any Kaye has created. Perhaps only more so because of size. The extra space only allows Kaye to pour more of what’s great about her other work into these larger ones.For the best looking and most attention grabbing large artwork in Melbourne, visit Paris Kaye Gallery.


It’s worth noting that almost every piece in Paris Kaye Gallery, whether it be a painting, a sculpture, or a piece of jewellery, has been personally handcrafted by Kaye herself.
Every piece receives her personal touch in some way, but most pieces are crafted solely by her. Each piece full of her skill and love for the craft.There is no better place for handmade artwork, or handmade sculptures for sale in Melbourne, than Paris Kaye Gallery. It wouldn’t be what it is without the extreme efforts of Kaye, who puts a little of herself into each work she labours over. Quality is more than assured in the hands of Paris Kaye.