Paris Kaye, featured and founding artist of Paris Kaye Gallery, is available to produce custom artwork and Jewellery. Kaye’s upbringing in Iran and her time spent living and working in Dubai has been a major influence on her art. All throughout her collection of major work are subjects, styles, and imagery reflective of her middle eastern culture, from politically important pieces like ‘Woman, Life, Freedom,’ to her colourful twist on miniature, a historically relevant style in the wider east.

Through her brush, and her jewellery making, Kaye communicates and shares with us her joys, interests, hardships, philosophies, values, and cultural background. Now calling Australia home, she seeks to make a deep connection with an Australian audience and culture through art.

Communication of ideas and imagery is key in the process of creating custom artwork. While some of Kaye’s work does deal with dark themes, she is dedicated to bringing a sense of hope into the world. Let her bring a sense of hope into yours. Inquire about custom artwork, available in Melbourne. Become part of the creative process and let ideas for colours and subjects blossom into gorgeous and emotive works by Paris Kaye.

Custom Jewellery

Custom, one-of-a-kind jewellery is available, as to Kaye, each piece of jewellery is it’s own work of art. Decide on themes, key symbols and aesthetics, and watch as those ideas take shape into a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery. Gift someone special a distinctive piece, personal to them. Wear unique jewellery that says something about you and who you are. The jewellery you wear tells a story, so make it your own, with the help of Kaye.

Create a unique masterpiece for your wall

Custom paintings are available. With your input and her skill and creative flair, Paris Kaye can produce a masterful and expressively rendered artwork that carries for you a unique and personal value. The size of the canvas, the colours, colour schemes and combinations, the subject you wish to see interpreted or an image you want to see produced are all your choice, with creative input available if needed from the experienced Kaye.

Have custom art made to fit the desired aesthetic of your home, or to decorate your workplace. Gift a beautiful piece of art to a loved one, featuring their favourite colours, or imagery meaningful to them. Have a subject that’s important to you captured by Kaye’s keen eye. Each brushstroke a translative effort, carrying meaning for both you and Kaye together.

Spice up your space with a custom mural

Custom indoor mural paintings are also available. Paris Kaye began her career in art with mural work, and has produced murals for amusement parks, restaurant chains, and several major landmarks in Dubai, including the Burj Khalifa. Enlist her expertise, and have a custom indoor mural painted to add life, colour, and culture to your environment. Places of business, leisure locations, hospitals and even homes. So many types of places could, and have benefited from the personal touch of Paris Kaye, through her arrestingly expressive artwork.

Paris Kaye breathes life into every piece through her undeniable skill and passion. Looking for custom artwork in Melbourne? Inquire at Paris Kaye Gallery with Paris Kaye. Your ideas, her manifestation.