Artwork for Hotels

Captivate your guests and provide an atmosphere of luxury and wealth with the beautiful artwork of Paris Kaye. Demonstrate an appreciation of culture and expertly crafted fine arts with the masterful work of Kaye. Rent pieces out to decorate the suites, or perhaps hang one in the lobby to create an immediate image of sophistication. Purchase pieces, and let them become staples of the hotel. Let the beautiful work of Paris Kaye become part of your establishments identity.

A gorgeously identifiable feature the hotel. Whether you’re after more abstract works, focused on shapes and colours, or works that tell a story or communicate a theme or idea, Paris Kaye Gallery has the best of both worlds. Choose a piece that’s colours match that of the space it’ll reside in, or one that creates a peaceful mood, or perhaps a piece that’s subject is sure to capture the attention of guests. The choice is yours. Visit Paris Kaye Gallery, online or in store.

Custom art is also available from Paris Kaye Gallery. Get a personalised, unique, one of a kind piece for your hotel. Choose the colours, the size, the theme and the subject. With the expertise and skill of such an experienced artist, create a piece that is truly representative of your hotel.Perhaps instead of filling your hotel with paintings, you’d prefer a few sculptures to really create a sense of style and majesty in your space. Kaye has crafted many beautiful sculptural works, both in the realms of modern and animal sculpture.

Visit Paris Kaye Gallery online or in store to find the perfect piece for your hotel.