Artwork for Corporate

Artwork is a terrific way to improve your corporate environment, as it can add a sense of humanity as well as class. It’s been proven that having art in a corporate space can not only increase productivity, but also socialisation, and therefore morale.The collection at Paris Kaye Gallery offers all kinds of pieces, perfect for all kinds of spaces. Whether you’re looking for sculpture or painting, mood pieces or expressions of more complex themes and ideas, the gallery has a beautifully varied collection of works. Use art to compliment or even help to shape your corporate identity. Let the art communicate that identity, both to visitors in the space, as well as employees.

Paris Kaye Gallery offers a custom art service. Choose the size, colours, shapes, themes and subjects of paintings. If you’re looking to communicate or commemorate any particular theme, idea, or piece of corporate identity, then the custom art service may be for you. Looking for large works of art to fill your space and really make a bold statement. There are a multitude of beautiful and enormous painted and sculpted works to choose from, sure to draw immediate attention in any space.

Sculptures, both semi abstract, as well as more naturalistic animal sculptures are available. Made out of recycled metal, these sculptures are not only gorgeous and eye-catching statement, but also a sustainable one. Visit Paris Kaye Gallery online, or in store, and find the perfect piece to compliment your corporate environment. Or maybe you like to keep your spaces fresh with new pieces of art and cycle the old ones out. If so, the gallery’s rental service is for you.

Corporate art rental is a terrific way to enhance the appeal of a workplace. Peruse Paris Kaye Gallery’s curated section of art available and find a multitude of pieces that will infuse any office space with style and expression. Rent the art of Paris Kaye, and breathe life into your corporate space and culture, while adding a layer of refinement and pure artistry.