Art Gallery Toorak

Art lovers in the Toorak area, visit Paris Kaye Gallery at 450 chapel street today.

The perfect blend of art and culture

Paris Kaye Gallery artist Paris Kaye draws on her rich culture and ethnic background for the creation of her art. Much of Kaye’s work in sculpture deals with femininity and womanhood, and the strength of women. Many of these ideas come from Kaye’s cultural background, and are directly shaped by how the politics of her country affect women. A series of paintings Kaye produced, titled ‘Woman,’ ‘Life,’ and ‘Freedom,’ respectively deal with the same subject matter in a more directly political manner. The names are a reference to the Woman Life Freedom movement. Ideas like this are present throughout much of Kaye’s work. Some of the pieces are quite dark due to this, though Kaye never loses sight of hope, and tries to convey a feeling of hope in all of her work. Other works of hers draw from her culture in a stylistic sense. Particularly her work in miniature. Kaye of course does her own thing with the style, blending the traditional eastern style with her own artistic sensibilities. 


Some of the earliest traces of jewellery, as we think of it now, come in fact from Iran, dating back to 3,000 to 400 BC. The jewellery was often things like amulets, that sometimes featured floral patterns and designs of stars. While Kaye’s own works in the form of Jewellery differ in terms of look and style, you can certainly still feel the influence of her culture in each piece.

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