Art Gallery Malvern

For lovers of art of all kinds, Paris Kaye Gallery is the place to be. Paris Kaye, the artist behind the Gallery is one of the most interesting, talented, and exiting artists currently working in Melbourne.


Truly a master of her many crafts, almost every piece available at Paris Kaye Gallery was handmade by Kaye herself. Every piece is carefully and expertly designed by her. Whether they be paintings, sculptures, Jewellery, or Murals, every single work produced by Kaye is thought out and laboured over. True labours of love are produced at Paris Kaye Gallery. Bring a sense of vibrance or sophistication to any space with the works of Paris Kaye.


The breathtaking paintings at Paris Kaye Gallery are all beautifully rendered by Kaye. Whether they be the darker pieces, or her vibrant and colourful works in miniature, each is a painterly masterwork.


Visit Paris Kaye Gallery for the sculptures. See the life size Metal Strap Horses, or the amazingly put together Heavenly Lady. The sculptures at Paris Kaye Gallery are modern in craft and overall look, but the realistically rendered shapes and features are truly classical in execution. Some of Kaye’s works in sculpture also function as household items. There are sculptures that double as lampshades, or candleholders.

Visit Paris Kaye Gallery today and take home a piece for your home today.