Art Gallery East Melbourne

Near East Melbourne? You’re also near Paris Kaye Gallery. Where there is attention grabbing and original artwork for sale.

The perfect piece

With such a diverse collection of works, the perfect piece for you is sure to be here amongst them. If you are looking for a painting, then Kaye has worked in various styles to produce various moods and effects. There are very abstract pieces, more focused on colour or mood than any particular subject. Kaye has done pieces in black and white. Some pieces are much more focused on a particular subject or idea. Some of those pieces play around with style a little. Her work in the style of miniature in particular is gorgeous. A major style in the east, Kaye adds some twists to it, doing miniature her way, and breathing new life into the style.

Kaye is just as expressive with her work in sculpture. All done in metal, her works have a very modern look. Some of them express ideas of femininity, others are beautifully, sometimes incredibly realistically, rendered animals.Paris Kaye makes Jewellery by hand as well. Treated as works of art, the perfect piece to express yourself with it waits at Paris Kaye Gallery.

For lovers of unique and expressive art, Paris Kaye Gallery is here.