Art Gallery Canterbury

Original artwork available near Canterbury. For gorgeous, modern, and eye catching artwork near Canterbury, look no further than Paris Kaye Gallery.


For lovers of modern art, Kaye brings something totally fresh to the table. Utilising various styles and creating numerous moods, Kaye’s work is as diverse as it is uniquely her. An asset to the modern art scene. Her work would be an asset to any space. Perfect for setting a mood, or perhaps for fitting with a preestablished style of décor or design. While some of her pieces are more focused on mood, other’s convey ideas, communicated through Kaye’s extraordinary skill in the medium. Her pieces in the style of miniature are particularly eye-catching. They are an engaging and colourful twist on the style, infusing it with new life and energy in a way that is uniquely Paris Kaye.Come and see for yourself at the Gallery near Canterbury.


Working in art for nearly three decades, Kaye brings an undeniable talent and skill to the art scene of Melbourne. Most impressive about those three decades though is just how much experience is packed into them. Beginning as a decorator of amusement parks and fast-food restaurants, Kaye produced Murals for both kinds of establishments. She spent time in Dubai painting murals as well. She worked as a creative director, overseeing a teams on both the design and execution phases of decorative mural painting once she returned to Iran. Around the same time she also began to make sculptures, that doubled as functional household items.Her level of experience in the art field cannot be understated.

For some of most original artwork near canterbury, visit Paris Kaye Gallery.