Art Gallery Brighton

Paris Kaye Gallery, the next spot to visit for art lovers in Brighton.

For connoisseurs and the casually art literate alike, Paris Kaye Gallery at 450 chapel street should be the next stop you make on your art journey. Paris Kaye, the artist behind the gallery, is skilled in a number of art forms and has created numerous masterworks through her utilisation of innovations in several mediums.

A rich cultural background

Paris Kaye grew up and began painting in her teen years. Her cultural background plays a role in many of her pieces, influencing the subjects of some pieces, and providing inspiration for the styles of others.Some of her works deal with broader ideas of femininity, while others deal more directly with the politics of her home and how they affect women.Other pieces of Kaye’s take from the east in style rather than subject. Her work in the style of miniature in particular is gorgeous. A major style in the east, Kaye adds some twists to it, doing miniature her way, and breathing new life into the style. Kaye draws on her background in many ways and makes beautiful and powerful art.

Decades of experience

Kaye also has decades of art experience under her belt. As mentioned above, she started painting early on, and got her first paid job painting murals soon after beginning her study at the Fine Art University of Tehran. From there Kaye went to Dubai where she painted various large murals, some on major landmarks. After returning home, Kaye and her husband started a business focused around decorative murals, of which Kaye was the creative director, overseeing both the design and execution phases of each project. After a decade of that, she decided to focus her art skills on fine arts, came to Australia. Her work is now available at Paris Kaye Gallery.

 Art enthusiasts in the Brighton area are welcome to come and visit Paris Kaye Gallery.