Art Gallery Balwyn

For art enthusiasts near Balwyn, Paris Kaye Gallery is the place to see. Visit at 450 chapel street or online today.


Starting out in mural work, Paris Kaye has over three decades of experience with a brush. Her talent and skill has now been put towards creating one of the most varied and vibrant collections of paintings from any one single artist. Her work varies from abstract paintings focused around shapes and colours, to black and white portraiture, to colourful twists on the style of miniature. Somewhere in Kaye’s collection is the perfect piece for your space. Whether your looking for something to match your surroundings or something to stand out and draw attention and conversation, Paris Kaye Gallery has something for you.


For those who like to keep their surroundings fresh and cycle art in and out of use, the flexible art rental service available at Paris Kaye Gallery exists. Take home that piece you connect with for a while. Vary the art in your space, and keep things exiting, by renting different pieces over different periods. Prices available upon inquiry.

Balwyn enjoys a close proximity to Paris Kaye Gallery. Visit today, or shop online, and find a masterpiece for your home.