From naturalistic works to those more in line with her abstract and modernist sculptures, Paris Kaye has produced many a wonder in the realm of animal sculpture.

A form of sculpture in its own right

Animal sculpture was a major part of architecture in several ancient civilisations. Often these sculptures were embellished somehow, or perhaps a depiction of a kind of mythological creature. Like the sphynx in ancient Egypt. Animal sculpture for a time was mostly a representative art. Animals depicted weren’t just animals but were representations of broader ideas.
It wasn’t until the 19th century that hyper realistic animal sculpture came into fashion. For the most part replacing the prior representative or fantastical sculptures, which began to go out of fashion. Instead the focus was on truly capturing the features of animals and presenting them as realistically as possible. The eyes, the fur, the snouts, the feet, the teeth. Everything had to be completely lifelike. Animal sculpture became a major showcase of skill.
During the rise of modern sculpture in the 20th century however, many artists began to experiment with new looks for sculptures of animals that fell in line with ideas of abstraction. Pablo Picasso, already the creator of a popular style of modern art at the time, cubism, also contributed to the rapidly changing approach to animal sculpture, with his own abstract takes at the medium.

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Paris Kaye’s animal sculptures are possibly the best of both worlds. Some pieces still have a modern look to them, but the impressively naturalistic forms of the sculpted animals cannot be understated.
Utilising a similar look to some of Kaye’s other sculptures, some of the animals are made out of adjoining pieces of metal, with clear gaps. Unlike the other sculptures though, the form still takes precedence, while the appearance of the sculpture may be more abstract than not, it’s still a close likeness to the animal’s look, with careful attention given to proportions and the actual shape of the animal. Other animal sculptures by Kaye, also seek to replicate the look of the animals skin or fur, rather than just its shape. Also made of metal, these are carefully sculpted so that they resemble the animal they depict as closely as possible. Clear examples of mastery of the naturalistic style of animal sculpture.

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