Art Gallery Camberwell

Close to Camberwell? Visit Paris Kaye Gallery. For a unique and wonderous art experience near Camberwell, visit Paris Kaye Gallery.

Unique beauty

Paris Kaye’s utilisation of multiple art forms and her unique blend of craft and expression produces some of the most unique and beautiful art around. Her work in sculpture, Jewellery and of course painting is all beautiful and diverse. Her sculptures, both animal and otherwise are modern in look, but all clearly masterfully crafted. Some of them deal with the subject of femininity and express complex and interesting ideas about the topic.

The jewellery made at Paris Kaye Gallery is all handcrafted by Kaye herself. More recent pieces are treated as works of art in their own right. Designed to convey themes and meaning.
Kaye’s collection of paintings are as diverse as they are expressive. Some created more as mood pieces, others are painted with interesting styles or to communicate ideas. All with the clear touch of Paris Kaye, and all beautiful.

Custom works available

Both custom paintings and custom jewellery are available.With a custom painting, you can decide on size, colours, and subject.With custom Jewellery, you’re able to decide on the design, and also have input on the materials. Kaye works with silver, stainless steel, freshwater pearls, as well as several kinds of stones and crystals.Also available for custom jobs, are indoor murals.Specialising in mural work early in her career, Paris Kaye still has a gift for the medium.

Whether to see the already existing work, or to help Kaye create new work with the custom service, come to Paris Kaye Gallery.