Paris Kaye, the artistic tour de force behind Paris Kaye Gallery, has been working as an artist for almost thirty years. Painting, designing, sculpting, and making jewellery, Kaye’s personal touch is the lifeblood of every piece at her gallery.

Drawing on personal experience and her rich cultural background, Kaye produces vibrant and rich work that both makes use of major eastern styles as well as the stories that only she, as an artist can tell.

Whether looking at the colourful, and even more abstract works, or the moody black and white pieces that capture mesmerizingly haunting images, it’s obvious that Kaye’s work is full of life and love, captured in it’s many meditations on the world. Bold, brave and beautiful, Kaye not only confronts the darker aspects of society, particularly those most pronounced in her place of origin, but also celebrates the majesty in life and culture all around us.


During her first year of study at the fine art university of Tehran, Kaye got her first paid job in art. She worked painting decorative murals for several different kinds of establishments. Kaye received an offer from the UAE, and moved to Dubai for a few years.

While there, she painted murals for several major Dubai institutions, including the Dubai mall, the Atlantis Hotel, and even the Burj Khalifa.

Afterwards, Kaye moved back home, where her and her husband started a company, focusing on decoration, through original art and murals. Paris Kaye filled the role of creative director, using her keen eye to manage both the design and execution stages of projects. Kaye’s expertise were in high demand, and quickly the company grew to become one of the biggest and most profitable of its kind in the area.

After moving to Australia, Paris Kaye decided to give up her position of creative director, in favour of getting closer to the art, for a more personal and relaxed experience.

Kaye has enjoyed discovering that Australia is a very art-literate place, full of appreciators of various forms of fine arts. At Paris Kaye Gallery, Kaye practices a multitude of art forms, including painting, sculpture, and jewellery making. In every form, she is expressive and deliberate, as each piece is made with care, meaning , and a desire to communicate with an audience. To share culture and views, to share hardships and pain, and to share hope.


Paris Kaye’s Paris Kaye Gallery boasts myriad forms of wholly original artwork for sale, in Melbourne.

Kaye’s beautiful collection continues to grow, hand painted and crafted piece by piece. Each full of emotion and meaning. Each bearing Kaye’s signature style and skill. Paris Kaye Gallery continues to thrive with it’s amazing variety of artwork for sale in Australia.

The future

Paris Kaye’s hope in Australia, is to connect with an Australian audience through her art, and to share her culture, as well as to gain an understanding of Australian culture that she can add to her art. Paris Kaye Gallery, an impressive and important Australia art gallery is here to stay. As this country is her new home, she hopes one day to be seen as a multicultural artist and continue to express herself and her culture through her gorgeous artwork.